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I'm pretty much typing this in my sleep, but because I am so dedicated to my flist, I'm going to make this post the last thing I do before I collapse into bed. Tonight was the Dr Horrible charity screening in LA and it was awesome. How awesome you ask? So awesome  my journal can't contain it, that's how awesome it was. Why, you ask? Well, after the screenings of The Guild (hilarious as always) and Dr Horrible, we stayed in our seats, as requested earlier, and they brought the house lights up. Who do we (Annika, Matt and I) see sitting about two rows behind us? Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Felicia Day (whom we knew was there because she did a small speech before the screenings), the guy that plays Moist and one of the writers/Capt Hammer fangirl. No idea they woudl be there. It was awesome. The place went wild. And then the guy with a glowy costume took his head piece off..........and it was Nathan Fillion! Then the place exploded.  They talked for a bit on stage, mostly thanking us and telling us how awesome we are. We all did the "I'm not worthy!" thing to Joss and he was super modest-as usual. And right before they left the stage Joss dropped another bomb. He was like "Oh, and Alan Tudyk is here with us, sitting in our row." We whip our heads around as one, and there is is. Dressed as a priest! lol  OMG, it was awesome! I even yelled "Alan! You're the only Firefly cast member who's autograph I don't have!!!!" Not that he heard me. lol

Anyway, I saw a lot of ppl I know there. Some of my fellow Riverside Browncoats, people I recognize from cons (like this particular Dr Who cosplayer), Suzanne aka Button Lady, sarumann , and  hystericblue42 who were working for Whedonopolis. And of course annikaa and Matt. I also met cool ppl in line.

The trip was horrible. 2 hours +. There was a 30 min delay on the 101, it took me 30 mins to travel 3.5 miles on Santa Monica blvd and there was absolutely NO parking. The theater doesn't have it's own parking lot (I know!) and I had to drive around for half an hour looking for parking. I finally parked in the back of a Whole Foods on Fairfax and practially ran to the theater. And afterwards, it took another 30 mins to get back to the 101. But. But. It was worth it once we were there. It was sooooooooooooo fun. I'm so doing that next year.


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